Phoenix assets and github actions not working

Hello everyone!

Im trying to use github actions to build a phoenix project and put that build into dockerhub. But Im having a hard time dealing with the the assets.

The issue is that when I run the app that github actions build, it runs without applying/service the css files. But if I build/push the image my self to dockerhub and run that build, it just runs without any issue. So def something is wrong with that I did with github actions. The project is public so you can check my deploy yml file, which is based on the livebook one.

This is the result I have:

The local image is being built doing docker build -t mustela/livesup:local . and then pushed.

I really don’t see the differences in the images, the assets are being generated correctly, I can see the css/js, everything but for some reason, the one using github actions is not working.

Any idea would be more than welcome <3

It is possible that this thread might help you.

Thanks @maz but no luck with that post. I’ve changed several things, build order, releases settings, etc. And nothing seems to be working.

Wondering if anyone could share how they are building images in dockerhub with github actions :pray:

Actually @maz, I think the order of commands in the dockerfile was wrong. After these changes, things started to work! Thanks!

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