Phoenix basic setup error

Depending on how you installed postgresql, it might not even listen to any network device but only a local filesystem socket or pipe.

If you can use psql -h localhost -U <username> -d <tablename> to connect from the command line then phoenix should do the job as well. If it does not work, take a look if the configuration tips given in can help you. Please make sure you do substitute given IP and port examples with your own. At least it explains how to enable network access if it was not activated before.

Thank you NobbZ, I seem to have got it working now with your pointers. Appreciate the prompt responses!

@wfgilman Sorry, I had updated rebar when troubleshooting which led me from the rebar_core error to the folder path issue.

I still do see issues with compiling fs v2.12.0 on OSX when I have a space in the folder path. If someone can reproduce and confirm I will report an issue to synrc/fs

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I tracked the path containing spaces issue down to a rebar dependency, pc not escaping paths. I’ve sent a PR and it should be merged soon. Once pushed you should be able to mix deps.update fs and you’ll grab the patched pc.


Restarting per fixed this issue for me.

I’m on macOS Sierra 10.12.3.

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