Phoenix Chat Example crashes on REMOTE only when Phoenix 1.4 and Jason

I have been struggling with a strange issue(bug?) with Phoenix 1.4 and channels.

It only occurs (I think) when accessing the server from a remote connection.

i.e. When using a macbook or Ubuntu workstation deskop in DEV mode locally I dont see the error.

When I deploy to a remote, cloud vm, i.e. Linode, and run in DEV or PROD mode, I get the error.

My main/original project was working with Phoenix 1.4 (master) on PROD Linode maybe 6 to 8 weeks ago, but now it only runs in local mode.

I replicated the issue/bug with Chris Mccords canonicalish Phoenix Chat Example.

I posted the issue

and the forked Phoenix Chat Example code is

apologies if I have missed something super obvious

I’m not entirely sure it makes sense to duplicate the discussion on both the issue tracker and the forum.

fair point, its a core bug

and the way I fixed it was upgrade the VM to a 2 cpu core

its a bug in single core cpu right now on 1.4 dev

bug fixed

I didnt expect this was a core bug, apologies for cross posting