Phoenix-Elixir in a Data-Intensive Web Application

Hi guys, im doing my final work for university, it consist in analysis and design of a Data-Intensive Web Application, and using a CASE tool that make a prototype. I was thinking why not learn and use phoenix with a project. I dont read about pohenix yet, it’ts good for this kind of projects? or its better to learn with another stuff?

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You have given us very little context about the application you actually want to build. How is the data being driven? What is the source? How should it be processed? Where should the results be written to? What is the throughput and latency that you expect?

Without laying out some actual requirements, it is very hard to give some feedback if it is actually good (although you haven’t even defined what “good” means). :slight_smile:

That said, it will likely be good enough for a prototype, specially if you are comparing it to languages that cannot leverage concurrency (although don’t take this as a concrete answer since the problem at hand was not specified).


Yes, you are right, the requirements arent yet defined in a formal way. Now that i read again, maybe i express bad, im starting to doing my final work, and first i’m learning/looking the methodology that my uni want to the analysis and design, then i will do the requirements in a formal way .
What i know now its a congress management (for the department and maybe later for all the university) : registration of authors,co-authors, articles,etc ; management areas of interest ; process of accepting works ; management of evaluators , etc. And reading a book about data-intensive web application talks about perfomance, availabity, scalability and security are the most relevant nonfunctional requirement.

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