Phoenix.HTML.Tag.tag nesting all tags underneath as its children

I’m using sveltex for frontend.
My layout looks like this:


    <main role="main">
      <%= Sveltex.render "paper/header", %{...}%>
      <%= @inner_content %>

One would expect Phoenix.HTML.Tag.tag created by Sveltex.render to be siblings with @inner_content, but actually it takes liberty to declare @inner_content as its child; moreover, content of Svelte component itself gets included as a last child (.hero-head):

I was able to replicate this behaviour inserting Phoenix.HTML.Tag.tag directly. One workaround I found is to wrap tag with another div. Outer auxiliary div won’t show up in tree, and everything will work as expected. Is is well-defined behaviour or I’m missing some piece of tag functionality?

Nevermind, looking at the tag source, it creates opening tag only, and henceforth DOM tree was in fact invalid. So closing tag needs to be put as well.

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What is likely happening is that something is forgetting to close an HTML tag, so the browser is guessing it and closing it in an unexpected way.

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It is indeed happening :slight_smile: