Phoenix live view, right click on links is not showing "open in a new tab"

In my application, I have a live dashboard, showing a list of products and their counter on top. There is list of products, which is a simple row. I added a link to it, but on right clicking it does not showing open in new window.

Perhaps you’re using phx-click events to drive the actions instead of proper HTML links?

Hi @apoorv-2204 in order to help you, you need to show some code. Please show the code you are using to generate the link, as well as what it looks like inside the browser’s DOM.

it’s an another live view ~p"/case/#{}

 def render(assigns) do
      <%= for product <- @products do %>
        <.link navigate={~p"/case/#{}"} target="_blank">
            <%!-- class="product-list cursor-pointer" phx-target={@myself} phx-click="go_to_case" phx-value-id={} --%>
              <%= deceased_name(product) %>
            <td id={"date-added-#{}"}><%= date_added(product) %></td>
            <td><%= settlement_date_ref(product) %></td>
              <%= cond do %>
                <% @current_company_user.spops_team.industry == "insurance" -> %>
                  <%= if !product.product_number do %>
                    <span style="font-style: italic; color: #b1b1b1;">Not known</span>
                  <% else %>
                    <%= product.product_number %>
                  <% end %>
                <% !product_ref(product) -> %>
                  <span style="font-style: italic; color: #b1b1b1;">None</span>
                <% true -> %>
                  <%= product_ref(product) %>
              <% end %>
            <td id={"date-#{}"}><%= date(product) %></td>
                class="text-center flex flex-row justify-center align-center items-center"
                style="width: 100%; height: 100%;"
                <% status_data = product_status_and_class(product.status) %>
                <div class={status_data.class} style="font-size: 12px;">
                  <%= status_data.status %>
              class={"#{if follow_up(product) == nil, do: "italic"}"}
              <%= if !follow_up(product)  do %>
                <span style="font-style: italic; color: #b1b1b1;">Not set</span>
              <% else %>
                <%= follow_up(product) %>
              <% end %>
            <td class="text-left">
              <div style="min-height: 40px; display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: center;">
                <%= live_component(ServiceProvider.DashboardLive.AssignedTo,
                  id: "assigned_to_#{}",
                  company_user: product.company_user,
                  current_company_user: @current_company_user,
                  product: product,
                  filter_by_status: @filter_by_status
                ) %>
      <% end %>

tr can be made clickable directly by wrapping in a or link tag.