Phoenix/Liveview demo/testing site?

I think it would be useful to have a public Phoenix/Liveview demo and testing site. Basically, each page would contain examples demonstrating best practices, useful techniques, etc. Aside from helping folks learn about ways to solve UX problems, this could support testing of accessibility, responsiveness, and other issues.

In order to make this happen in a sustainable way, we’d need to have some knowledgeable folks to vet submitted patches and generally maintain the site. And, of course, we’d also need a server somewhere on the intertubes. Any volunteers???


Something like this?

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That code might make a good starting point for the site I have in mind. The first step would be to put it up as an accessible site; the next step would be to come up with a wish list of examples, etc.


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I don’t always follow best practices, but my personal site is open and runs on live view.

I also just made this GitHub - MorphicPro/leyden_jar: A basic real-time Dashboard for your OpenEVSE
It’s a basic site for recording your EV’s charge sessions given you have an OpenEVSE.
I’m using chart.js to feed a chart as the events push to the server.
it’s super new and very ruff but hope it helps inspire.

Edit: Sorry miss read GitHub - chrismccord/phoenix_live_view_example is going to be the closest you are looking for at this moment

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I’ve started to go down that road with this site but it’s a side project so slow growth/progress.

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