Phoenix official site is outdated - channels section

I found that official guide to channels still have example with handle_out/3 .

@chrismccord , maybe update the site when 1.3 will be released? :wink:
Btw when will be update of the book?
As far as I know 1.3 will bring some changes in structure tree- what kind of them?

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FYI it’s better to just make an issue in the Phoenix repo:


When I finish 1.3 work

See my ElixirConf keynote on youtube


Wait what? What is happening to handle_out? I use handle_out quite extensively to rename the outgoing presence mappings (I really wish setting up a presence let you assign your own event name, hint hint) and to catch data passing through for caching…

hande_out isn’t going anywhere. The guides show an example using handle_out without intercept, which needs to be fixed. That’s all :slight_smile:

/me sighs ^.^

And yep. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers :wink: I just couldn’t find that function in docs. Can anyone of you send here a link to this func description?