Phoenix on Kubuntu not automatically compiling assets

Hi All.

I’m trying to set up a new development VM so I’ve installed Kubuntu 18.04 on Virtual Box. Installed Phoenix and all the dependencies. Everything works fine except…

When I change app.js. I get the message in the console:

info:compiled app.js and 3 cached files into app.js...

but in the browser console I get

Error cannot find module phoenix_html

If I restart phoenix then everything is ok but as soon as I change app.js again I get the problem back.

Any thoughts/help?



What filesystem is it running on and it is a virtual disk or an actual disk? Virtual disks have issues with file watchers at times (especially dynamic virtual disks).

Hi OvermindDL1 it is a virtual disk. The system seems to be picking up the fact the JavaScript file has changed because it kicks of the build BUT it is not then picked up by Phoenix/Browser.

It is not a showstopper but a bit inconvenient as I have to keep starting and stopping the server to pick up any changes.

For anyone reading this - I’ve just tried Phoenix 1.4 (which uses Webpack) and it seems to work fine. Just need to wait for 1.4 to be officially released.



Yeah the issue is that brunch is actually ‘too’ fast at reading it, it doesn’t wait for a sync event, which is not needed in most cases and slows down things otherwise, but in same cases like as you see above (virtual disks, network disks, etc…), it is important. :slight_smile:

For now using master of phoenix is fine, I have been for my most recent new project without issue. :slight_smile: