"Phoenix Spark"/ Official, opinionated boilerplate app

Hey there! Having used PHP + Laravel (PHP web framework) in the past, I sometimes look at their website and just discovered Laravel Spark, which basically is a boilerplate application with features that you’ll build for most applications over and over again.

Here’s a video by Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel and Spark: https://laracasts.com/series/laravel-spark/episodes/1

I was just wondering if it would make sense to have an official, opinionated Phoenix kickstarter app aka “Phoenix Spark”. I’d definitely buy something like that and would like to hear from others, if this would make sense :slight_smile:


I prefer to add components to an app when I need them, than to remove them from an app because I don’t need them. Besides more than often a feature tailored for everyone is in fact tailored for no one, and needs much customization anyway.

Thing’s like spark does not appeal to me. Just my 2 cents :wink: