Phoenix with: a JSON API and Vue.js, or, HTML (eex) with partial use of Vue?

Didn’t you need to learn about routing and state management too? Did 3 days enough?

Ah sorry what i mean is when i add item to the list it doesn’t immediately saved to database. You can add 2 or more items to the list and then save to database in a single request.[quote=“peerreynders, post:22, topic:9185”]
I think the idea that was being conveyed is that Vue.js can be gradually introduced into an existing web site that already used jQuery - i.e. it isn’t necessary to switch to Vue.js all at once.
Yeah i misunderstood this part. Thank you for clearing it.[quote=“peerreynders, post:22, topic:9185”]
Have you had a look at Vue.js vs jQuery: Use Cases and Comparison with Examples yet?
Thank you. You give me a lots of good articles.

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Is it possible for u to share the code ( or a sample of it ) with us? I really need to have a view.
Thanks .

Is it just me or does Vue.js look hauntingly like eex + Phoenix LiveView?