Phx-disable-with with issues when i click

In my project I have a list that contains several cards. This list has a button to “show more” cards, but the transition from phx-disable-with happens very fast, which ends up not being noticed.

<button class="btn load-more" type="submit" phx-click="more_cards" phx-disable-with="Loading..." 
phx-value-id_list_target="<%= %>"
 phx-target="<%= @myself %>">Show More</button>

The “Loading…” is not static until the event is over, it disappears shortly thereafter. The event has a delay of ~ 3 seconds to fetch the next 100 cards, which would be ideal for this purpose, but the phx-disable-with effect does not happen

LiveView: 0.13.2v
Phoenix: 1.5.3v