PlanetEx: An employee blog aggregator


I just finished building and deploying a small Phoenix application for use at my work: PlanetEx!

PlanetEx aggregates employee’s personal and internal SharePoint blogs. We had a previous implementation that died and I figured this was a low risk opportunity to introduce Elixir to my company!

PlanetEx was the first Phoenix application I have written that starts a supervision tree along with the Phoenix Endpoint and Ecto Repo, and I was having trouble finding learning material on how to implement and test such a thing. I hope this can be an example to beginners in the community looking to incorporate Supervisors and GenServers into their web apps.

I asked a lot of questions on the Elixir Forum while building this and I’d like to thank everyone here for contributing to those attempting to learn Elixir; this community is an invaluable resource!

Thank you all!

GitHub: sep/planet_ex
Blog post


Nice one Mitchell :023:

Glad the forum was of help :003:

Not heard of before - what led you to use that?

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I listen to Full Stack Radio by Adam Wathan (one of the authors of Tailwind) and decided to try it out when I redesigned my personal blog. I really enjoyed the experience so I wanted to use it again when I started working on PlanetEx.