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I have no affiliation with (GitHub), but I sometimes hear of a company using Elixir and submit them to be added there. Just now I noticed several companies listed in elixir-jobs which aren’t on Elixir Companies.

All of us who use and love Elixir want to see the adoption snowball keep rolling, and one of the evidences that it’s not too niche is the list of companies using it.

If your company, or one you know of, is using Elixir and you’re permitted to say so, please add them to And be on the lookout for more to add!


A honeypot built by recruiters? :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: No, sorry, I should have said - this is an open thing, I’m just not affiliated with it. - I just edited my original post to add that link.

Haha! No, no honeypot. I originally built this as a static page of companies using Elixir to help illustrate the growth and adoption. Since then it’s become a place to highlight companies and jobs in the community, free of charge, free of ads, et al. The purpose is solely for the benefit of the community.

We took it from a Jekyll static site to a Phoenix app to provide an open source example that uses both Ueberauth and LiveDashboard. We even provide open access to the application’s own LiveDashboard in an effort to promote the functionality. Just recently it was used as a test bed for new LiveDashboard features! :grin:


I should add: I really appreciate you helping promote the site @nathanl!

To avoid spam and potentially offensive companies (and the issues that have ensued as a result) we have volunteer “admins” that give the change a peek. They can approve or reject with feedback. I would love to have you join to team if you’re open to it :grin:

We also demonstrate how to use Bamboo @sergio with the above functionality :point_up:


@doomspork I would be down for reviewing some submissions.

Also, may I suggest an optional field on submissions for a link which shows that the company is using Elixir? It could be public or visible only to admins, but something like a blog post by one of their engineers or a job posting would substantiate the claim.


I think that’s a great suggestion and I’m open to any and all that improve the site for the community! We’ve had an issue open for a while where folks have discussed various improvements to Company and Job profiles:

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