Please help to figure out how to skip erasing one attribute during hooked JS operation

I’m writing a library for resizing of the panels organized in a flexbox sequence of div elements, and the way to make it work is to use a JS hook. So far so good, it works except one little hiccup:

My JavaScript code is tweaking the style of adjacent divs with something like style="flex-basis: 661.75px;" in order to trick them to resize. I’m restoring the values from a localStorage and seeing a jump to the restored and then back to a non-existent style, presumably because it is erased by the LV.

So, would there be a way to tell LV to leave the whole tag alone? phx-ignore is not applicable here - I need to update the view.

Any hints will be appreciated!

OK. I guess I can try to laverage dom: { onBeforeElUpdated(from, to) {. Is it the right approach?