Poll: How do you use Phoenix in Production?

I think it would be interesting to see how most people are using Phoenix in production. Do you use it as an API backend for a SPA? Or do you use it to deliver a server rendered web app? Choose the option which describes how you’ve MOSTLY used Phoenix in production.

  • API Backend
  • Server Rendered Web App

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Is there a way to change the answer? Looks like my phone didn’t understand what I wanted to vote for, I meant to press server rendered.

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On desktop I can change my answer. I’m not sure if the mobile version allows that though. If you leave the thread and then go back into it does it show you the two options again? At that point you should be able to change your vote.

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Don’t have a production app yet but I think most of mine will be server rendered so voted as such.

Re changing vote, yes you should be able to - click on ‘hide results’ then make your selection again.

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When we do an API backend, we tend to just use Plug directly without the rest of Phoenix. And when we need something with rendered pages, channels, etc. then we use Phoenix. One of the things I like / enjoy about the Elixir / Phoenix stack is you can use it all and it comes wonderfully packaged up … or just the parts you really need for a given project.


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Maybe add a third option for people like me that uses both use cases in an umbrella. :wink:
Also I recently migrated everything to Kubernetes, so another pool idea for deployment about distillery, compiled, docker, kubernetes, etc.