Possible Elixir work opportunities for Python/Ruby contractors

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Following on from some ideas about finding Elixir work, I need some help / have some opportunities.

  1. Locally, in Leamington Spa, UK, I’ve been talking to a small business where they’d be interested in a virtual queuing mobile phone app. It will be a very simple MVP, with no money involved at this stage, mainly to get some practical Elixir experience. Would anybody be interested in working with me on this? Please contact me by private message.

  2. More importantly, I have a meeting early next week with a well-funded startup, where they need help managing a data warehouse as they expand. I’d like to be able to present a small Elixir team where we could offer a more rounded and robust offering than I could on my own. Ideally, I’m looking for two or three people who

  • Have been working with Elixir and Phoenix for at least six months
  • Have a minimum three years’ experience as full-time Python/Ruby developers
  • Really do TDD, and feel very uncomfortable not writing the tests first
  • Live and work in the UK

If successful, the work would be probably be part-time, over the next few months. It would be mainly remote, with occasional days in Birmingham or London. Oh, and paid, of course. If you’re interested, please contact me by private message.


Hi Rob, in #1 do you mean like the WeQ4u app that was on Dragons Den a while back? And when you say “with no money involved at this stage” do you mean you want people to work for free on this? (Good luck with that :lol:)

What kind of pay is involved with #2?

By the sound of if you might be better off getting together with a few people and forming a partnership/consultancy :slight_smile:

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Hi Aston, for #1, it’s a bit like the WeQ4u app, except that does phone call queuing. This local business would like a phone app to tell customers when to come back and take their place in a physical queue. I’m thinking of it as an Elixir chat app, continually updating customers’ queue status.

With regard to payment, I’m doing this for the practical experience and to have a reference site. I was thinking others also learning Elixir might find it an interesting project to be part of, for the same reasons.

For #2, this is a bit more serious. I’ll know more after the first meeting, but I expect the rates would be in the range 200 GBP to 400 GBP per day.

…better off getting together with a few people and forming a partnership/consultancy

Well, yes, that is precisely my objective over the next few months. I find small teams work better than struggling to do everything myself. But this possibility has come up for next week, so I’m just wondering what interest there might be from Elixir people. Otherwise I’ll have to go in with a Python-only team proposal which would be a shame. :disappointed:

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