Hello, i’m making an Auth Register/login for my user,

My Register is functionnal but i want to add the username to my table,
Acttualy my params are good but my username param is not in the query :

[info] POST /api/auth/register
[debug] Processing with GothamWeb.Controllers.UserRegistration.register/2
  Parameters: %{"email" => "hugo.bardu1@gmx.com", "password" => "[FILTERED]", "password_confirmation" => "[FILTERED]", "username" => "Hugo"}
  Pipelines: [:api]
[debug] QUERY OK db=1.2ms queue=0.4ms idle=1493.4ms
INSERT INTO "users" ("email","password_hash","inserted_at","updated_at") VALUES ($1,$2,$3,$4) RETURNING "id" ["hugo.bardu1@gmx.com", "$pbkdf2-sha512$100000$iycwS05+FqP78EJKaZDatw==$01dzyvT2Lv+Ol4L88QM4qKBL5XnM/V/MpmS+LcoYs63yhoyNNLDdNYjlJ89yS5OPvEYx3InAIomqMtioz85QSQ==", ~N[2020-10-28 14:52:52], ~N[2020-10-28 14:52:52]]
[debug] QUERY OK source="users" db=1.0ms idle=495.7ms
SELECT u0."id", u0."password_hash", u0."email", u0."inserted_at", u0."updated_at" FROM "users" AS u0 WHERE (u0."id" = $1) [4]
[info] Sent 200 in 371ms

How can I had my username to the query ?

It is probably a bad casting in the changeset, please show your User schema.

My schema looks like this :

defmodule Gotham.Users.User do
  use Ecto.Schema
  use Pow.Ecto.Schema

  schema "users" do




Maybe i have to change or add something ?

You can find the custom validation You need to add here…