Pow: Robust, modular, extendable user authentication and management system



It’s a great project! I used it on my golf scorecard app which has a web interface and a graphql api for the companion React Native golf mobile app.

I plan on converting another existing app from Coherence soon and will send you suggested updates as I go through the docs.


Thanks! Here’s a guide for migrating from Coherence to Pow: https://hexdocs.pm/pow/1.0.1/CoherenceMigration.html

Also, in case anybody is interested, there was a discussion on how Pow could be used with GraphQL endpoints that highlights how useful the modular setup is for when you need a custom flow: https://github.com/danschultzer/pow/issues/61


There’s been a few questions on Github on how to use Pow on read-only platforms like Heroku. For production run the ETS cache is not recommended, and the Mnesia cache requires write access.

So I’ve written a guide on how to use Redis instead: https://github.com/danschultzer/pow/blob/master/guides/REDIS_CACHE_STORE_BACKEND.md

You are not limited to Redis as an alternative. It’s super easy to switch to whichever key-value store you prefer or have access to :smile: