POW uses standard text instead of customized templates

Hi all,

I added the e-mail confirmation and the password reset extensions to POW and the emails get send out perfectly. However, my custom text is not being used and the standard template is send to the user.
I added the mailer_view to my_app_web.ex with root lib/my_app_web/templates. Also, the web_module has been set to MyAppWeb. Anyone had the same issue before?

Did you generate Pow’s email views and customize those? It’s not very clear from your post.

You need to add web_mailer_module: MyAppWeb to your config, as described in the docs: https://hexdocs.pm/pow/1.0.20/README.html#mailer-support

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Thank you. That was the missing peace indeed.
Sometimes I just get lost with the config and I thought that maintaining the web_module would be enough. Is there any use case where it would point to a different location?