Principal Engineer, eCommerce | Boulevard | Remote US

Boulevard was developed in collaboration with industry-leading owners and operators, our scheduling and point of sale platform-as-a-service was carefully designed to drive revenue, automate workflows, and convert customers from visitors into valuable, long-term clients. By facilitating a better, personalized experience across every transaction and interaction, Boulevard’s technology not only helps businesses survive, but thrive.

About us
My name: Michelle Simer
My position: Tech Recruiter (I’m sorry)
Company name: Boulevard
Company info and history: We have an Elixir/OTP application. Founded 2016.
Slide Deck for more about our stack.
Listen to our CTO, Sean, on ElixirTalk .

About the job
Job title: Principal Engineer, eCommerce
Job description: Career Page + Principal Role
Salary range: ~$240K with Bonus, Equity, and Benefits. :slight_smile:
Position on remote work: Completely remote in the US.
Qualifications or experience required: Domain experience working on a Commerce platform. Elixir is a lovely advantage, but will take domain experience over that.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Some sort of eCommerce experience on a SaaS platform. Boulevard is a certified Payment Facilitator which makes this specific platform more complex that those who tie said platform into another payment engine. Complex data sets & data models, etc.

About the interview process:
Step 1: Talk with me – best part in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:
Step 2: 45 minute convo with VP of Engineering
Step 3: 30 minute Demo of our product + a tech assessment. Can be live or take home.
Step 3: Loop with our PE, an Engineer on the team, and a Product Manager.

Further info:
Feel free to find me on LinkedIn or Twitter or email me at if this sparks any interest. Would be happy to chat more.


Congratulations for being upfront on the salary range. It saves time to everyone involved.

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Haha, yes! I put ~ because we can go higher, but that would be someone who is “much wow” lol :slight_smile: