Priv/static is missing in production server


  • Elixir version (elixir -v): 1.8.1
  • Phoenix version (mix deps): 1.4.1
  • NodeJS version (node -v):
  • NPM version (npm -v):
  • Operating system: macOs Mojave

After creating a new API project using mix --no-webpack --no-html, i noticed that the priv/static folder was missing. I created the folder manually and then deployed my app. _build/prod/lib/appName/priv/static was available on my local machine. However when i checked the build folder on the production server, the static folder was missing.

I placed some files in the static folder, some of which the seeds.exs script requires to import data to the database.

NB: I’ve created another blank project using mix project_name and the static folder is also missing as well. However i saw static folder inside the assets folder. What could this static folder be for?

Please what could be the issue with this.

Please never mind. It was an issue with the .gitignore file.

Thanks immensely