Problem with a simple project

I’ve actually missclicked while wrinting the post and thinking it will be canceled by the verification, gave up with rewriting it. I didn’t expect the post will be accepted. So I’ll link the stack question I posted before that, hope it’s not forbidden lol.
I already decided I’ll just rewrite the code to the functions, but any further tips are welcome.


I can’t get the right output using an “outer” process. However, sending the messages directly to process from the shell gives me just the output I expect to have.

As I noticed, most of the topics are rather on a higher level of Elixir knowledge, but I just thought I’ll go straight here to ask.
This is a beginning of a simple project for my uni course(concurrent and distributed programming).
I have two modules and my goal at the moment is to create a year_manager process and make it print a selected month as a calendar page.
Stack Overflow question

Hi @piterp - we’re going to need a bit more information to help you. What are you currently doing (e.g. what is your “outer” process, how are you running your project, where are you expecting to see the output?)


@mindok, I’ve updated the post - everything should be clear now.