Problems with Phoenix-talk newslist

So I was checking my normal newsgroups and found that phoenix-talk was not loading, at all, so I went to the main interface for it, upon accessing it I get the message of:

The group you are attempting to view (phoenix-talk) has been identified as containing spam, malware, or other malicious content. Content in this group is now limited to view-only mode for those with access.
Group owners can request an appeal after they have taken steps to clean up potentially offensive content in the forum. For more information about content policies on Google Groups see our Help Center article on abuse and our Terms of Service.

When I continue past that to get to the main interface I see that there are no messages at all, no history, no anything at all.

What is up?
Should that list be deprecated and moved here as well?

I’ve submitted for “review” to the powers that be. Thanks for the heads up

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Yeah there’s been spam up there for a while which likely triggered the issue. It needs either more mods or just deprecation in my view.

I keep hiding the spam posts but I’m unsure if that works for anyone but me on google groups. I’d be up to moderate it as I look at it multiple times a day if you need another moderator. Though I’d be for deprecation personally.

It’s activated again. :slight_smile:

Do you need another moderator?

I appreciate the offer, but I’ve just announced the deprecation of phoenix-talk in favor of this forum, where you are already immensely helpful & active :slight_smile:


This is fantastic news :023:

The consolidated activity will do even more to present Elixir as one of the leading new languages out there :003: