Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4 - release date? (Update: beta out now!)

Yep. would like to know too. :slight_smile:

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Rogers' Bell Curve

Fun fact: You can’t exist in the innovators/early adopters phase of a product’s adoption lifecycle and expect to have the same level of tooling and comprehensive educational material coverage that is typical for products in their late majority/laggards stage.

To the point: 1.3 is still just a “release candidate” - “It’s done, when its done”. If you have an urgent need now, stick with the stable version (of the product or the book). If this is about “I can’t be bothered learning the old stuff” then figure it out from the existing documentation or be patient - and if Phoenix continues to be successful then even 1.3 isn’t the be-all and end-all anyway; it’s simply a milestone in its continual evolution.

Side-note: Everybody want’s to be on greenfield projects/products because there is no technical debt/legacy code to contend with. But if there is an opportunity to participate on an existing (brownfield) Phoenix project, you’ll need to know the “old way/stuff” anyway in order to be able to find the issues that need to be nudged (refactored) towards more up-to-date practices.


It’s funny I was googling to see if there any books that deal with Phoenix 1.3 as it is stable release right now or just wait until book get released but I found this thread and found your response.

I guess I can work and learn from Phoenix v1.2 tutorials/books/courses first then try and migrate the project from 1.2 to 1.3 as part of learning process.

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Have a look at this topic:


Also see:


PragProg is listing a release date of 2018-Jun-10.

So please don’t get excited when you come across the listing with a release date of 2018-Feb-25.

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Hi All. I’ve been waiting to have my devs jump into Elixir/Phoenix until the revised book comes out. it seems like the release date has been pushed back over and over again. I know that everyone says nothing’s really different except contexts but there must be more to it or the revision wouldn’t be taking so long.

Seems like a great product. Excited to have my team work with it. But not going to take that on until the new book is out. Any idea of a real timeline?




Books take time to rewrite - it doesn’t happen overnight. I’d highly recommend using Phoenix’s documentation - it explains things really well :slight_smile:


Title’s been updated: Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4
Still at 2018-Jun-10

I presume that 1.4 will include webpack 4, so any references to Brunch (if there are any) will have to be updated as well (in the original book, Brunch was discussed in passing during the development installation and then primarily in a four page “Adding JavaScript” section; otherwise sporadically whenever there was cause discuss features offered by socket.js or something relating to the phoenix.js and phoenix_html.js dependencies).

Also note that the book indicates a skill level of 4 out of 6 (6 being expert) so some prerequisite knowledge is desirable.


There’s lots for them to get their teeth into before that book imo. I’ve read/done the following and highly recommend the same before learning Phoenix:

Thanks Aston. We have those sources and they’re great.

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Ah nice! Did you know that Dave is coming out with another course ‘soon’? I can’t wait for it :lol:

In the meantime I have just started reading Learn Functional Programming with Elixir (Pragprog) and am loving it so far - from what I’ve read so far (and I’m not sure how much experience with functional programming your team has, but) it seems to be particularly good at introducing functional concepts :023:

Don’t forget you can use the forum discount to get 35% off PragProg and Manning books :003:

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any info on what the course will cover?

I think he’s shared some details but I can’t find them now :icon_redface:

There might be some clues in his thread here too…

Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4 is coming on 2018-06-10, but when will be the beta available? Does anyone know?

I assume you’ve seen this?

I’m sure that everybody is doing their best to get the beta out - but given that the book is only one of many of their responsibilities it may take a little more time to get out.

And as such I would expect the “print book” publishing date of 2018-06-10 to be tentative at this point (hence the phrasing “on or about”).

This title will be available on or about 2018-06-10.


The beta for Programming Phoenix >= 1.4 is expected by the middle of May, 2018. The Ecto book should be out just before that. These are of course estimates, because writing books is nothing like a software project :wink: :wink: Be sure to follow @pragprog on twitter or sign up for our Wednesday newsletter so as not to miss anything.

And yes, upgrades within an edition are always free. And when you buy a beta book, you get all the later releases of that book for free. For upgrades to a new edition, it can vary book-per-book. Usually we try to make it either free or 60-80% off. It depends on how much work the author(s) have had to try, we want to be fair to them and them incredible amount of time and dedication it takes to put a book out.


Hi, Andy,

I’ve seen that the beta is out and really want to read this new version. Can I get an upgrade discount?

you should have it on your pragprog account page

That’s a really generous 80% off! Thanks a lot!

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