Project Structure - All Code Inside lib/?

I have all the code in my elixir projects inside the lib/ directory, and I think all open source packages I’ve looked at do the same. Is anyone using a different structure? If so, why?

Phoenix < 1.3 probably do, because back then there was this additional web folder.


Yes, of course. I much prefer the new project layout, though.

I’m mainly asking this because I’m writing an inverse literate programming tool for Elixir which turns source files into HTML pages with hyperlinks from function calls to their definitions (functions defined in the current project will have links to their definition in the HTML pages and functions imported from hex packages will have links to their hex eocumentation)

The fact that most people seem to keep the project sources in a single directory (lib/) simplifies the configuration a little, and I’m just trying to see if this assunption is correct for most projects.

Couldn’t you simply use the :elixirc_paths data from the mix.exs?