Proper way to ignore dialyzer issue for Router?

Dialyzer logs

dialyzer args: [
  check_plt: false,
  init_plt: '/home/josh/Dev/morphic_pro/_build/dev/dialyxir_erlang-22.1.1_elixir-1.9.4_deps-dev.plt',
  files_rec: ['/home/josh/Dev/morphic_pro/_build/dev/lib/morphic_pro/ebin'],
  warnings: [:unknown]
done in 0m1.68s
lib/morphic_pro_web/router.ex:1: The pattern 
          (__@2 = true)> can never match the type 
done (warnings were emitted)

File in question.

defmodule MorphicProWeb.Router do
  use MorphicProWeb, :router

I know you can use the @dialyzer {:something, something} but I don’t know which I should use for this specific error

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I am getting the same dialyzer error when attempting to update to Phoenix 1.4.15. Does anyone know why?

No issues posted to as of yet.
I have updated to the latest OTP/Elixir versions, and don’t have any funny macro business happening in the router beyond the usual Plug stuff.