Property-based / mutation tests

Just reading about it, and found no references on the elixirforum.

The most common approach to measuring how comprehensive your unit tests 
are is to look at “code coverage”, literally the number of lines of your code that
are executed by your unit tests.
While this isn’t a bad approach, it really only tests what code is executed by your
tests, it doesn’t directly measure their ability to detect bugs in your code, which 
is their purpose. You could easily write unit tests that execute every line of code, 
and yet will pass regardless of what your code actually does.
Mutation testing addresses this problem. In a completely automated way, it deliberately
introduce bugs (“mutations”) in your code, and then verifies that the unit tests fail.


This presenter seems to have presented at elixirdaze 2017, on property-based testing:

A lib for property-based testing: