Prototype to Production Nerves Screencasts



I thought Twitch did archive them, but maybe not. I do however plan on archiving streams to Youtube. I did record the test stream, but i don’t think it’ll be uploading the test stream since it was super boring. I just finished up the stream for today and i actually forgot to hit record in OBS :confused: I was hoping twitch would have captured it but it didn’t seem to. I’m looking through twitches options to see if i have something disabled.


Would you mind including a link to the repo also?

#23 This is the org i setup. senset-firmware is the Nerves based application, senset-web is the Phoenix based application. This one is mostly a placeholder at the moment while we bootstrap the firmware side


Thank you so much!


Once I get over my cold I will be streaming my work on a Gitlab CI 3 color status light. Last night I prototyped the idea I had and it worked so I will start setting up for streaming. Dates/times will be announced via twitter and streamed via twitch.


Next stream coming today at 12:30 Pacific time. Going to be a short one probably. Goal is to get some sort of communication with the RF69 radio from Elixir via Circuits (formerly known as Elixir ALE). I’m giving the pure Elixir route one more go before I drop to C (or maybe even Rust??). I know from trying to speak to a similar radio that previously ElixirALE wasn’t able to toggle GPIO fast enough to use it.

I’m doing a bit of setup for a c implementation behind the scenes just in case. Nothing too exciting, jut setting up a Makefile as not to bore anyone with replacing spaces with tabs and such.