PSA: Do not use private APIs, request a feature instead

I’m fairly sure the Elixir team doesn’t do this, it seems like it would require a lot of extra work and processing power on their part. As of now, they are recommending that people add the master branch to their CI systems so that libraries will be built against master and the authors/Elixir core team can catch issues similar to what you are describing. I agree it would be nice, but without a big company like Mozilla backing Elixir, I’m not sure they have the infrastructure/time for it.

Fun idea. Made it my evening project.

Am running it on my laptop right now with Elixir 1.7.1 and Erlang 21.0.4 … let’s see what happens. If the community feels it would be actually useful, I could run it regularly on servers at work. Could also extend it with other checks, e.g. perhaps harness credo to do some static analysis.

It is pretty bare-bones … perhaps logging with json would be nicer for later usage. Also just noticed it fails for rebar projects, which should be easy enough to fix. So rough edges, to be expected for a few hours thrown at a project, I guess … improvements welcome :slight_smile:

It has already found packages with problems, e.g.:

 == 23:15:30.197
FAILED at compile: /home/aseigo/packages/ex_loader/0.4.1
errors: could not compile dependency :pre_commit_hook, "mix compile" failed. You can recompile this 
dependency with "mix deps.compile pre_commit_hook", update it with "mix deps.update pre_commit_hook" 
or clean it with "mix deps.clean pre_commit_hook"


edit: bonus round … Since I had them on disk already, I ran cloc over the entire set of packages.


It might be worth it to work something out with the guys where you can update project pages if you find vulnerabilities while doing the static analysis.

Yes, if I get this working sufficiently well I will definitely reach out to the team. It will be most useful if we can provide some feedback loops, including notice of build breakage, e.g.

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