Quasar Framework - front end, mobile and desktop apps in a single framework!

Check out the Quasar Framework. It’s built on top of Vue.js and offers SPA, PWA, and Electron Apps as well as UMD/Standalone. It has plenty of components with both Material & iOS themes.

What is Quasar?

Quasar (pronounced /ˈkweɪ.zɑɹ/) is an MIT licensed open-source framework (powered with Vue) that helps web developers create responsive++ websites/apps in many flavours:

  • SPAs (Single Page App)
  • SSR (Server-side Rendered App) (+ optional PWA client takeover)
  • PWAs (Progressive Web App)
  • Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, …) through Apache Cordova
  • Multi-platform Desktop Apps (using Electron)

Quasar allows developers to write code once and simultaneously deploy as website (SPA, PWA, SSR + SPA client takeover, SSR + PWA client takeover), Mobile App and/or Electron App using the same codebase . Design an app in record time, using a state of the art CLI and backed by well-written, very fast Quasar web components.

When using Quasar, you won’t need additional heavy libraries like Hammerjs, Momentjs or Bootstrap. It’s got that covered too, and with a small footprint!


I reckon we need a dedicated thread for that - shall I split your post into one? Though which section shall we put it in, #general-programming:front-end-development or #general-programming:mobile-development and what should we call the thread? The Quasar Framework - the framework for all your ‘ends’ :lol:

That’s a good question. Quasar does cover a good bit. I’m good with whatever you decide.

I’ve been watching Quasar grow over the last 2-3 years and it’s currently at v0.17.17 and the code is currently in a feature freeze to focus on a v1.0 release. Now that Phoenix 1.4 is using webpack for the assets pipeline, I’m thinking Quasar could probably be merged in. Maybe someone here with the right webpack chops can pull that off? :slight_smile:


I used Quasar for about 4 months earlier this year. Frankly, it did not feel like a pre-1.0 at all–very pleased with it overall.

As for merging it in–nah, why bother? Just have the 2 projects with their own build tools…