Querying a sorted Playlist using ecto

I’m trying to implement playlists, using this answer from Stackoverflow as an example.

I created the tables playlists, videos and the join-table playlists_videos to model playlists in the database and currently have a schema looking this.

schema "playlists" do
  field :name, :string, null: false

  belongs_to(:user, User)
  many_to_many :videos, Video, join_through: "playlists_videos"

The problem with this is that the videos are not sorted when I preload :videos. Would it be possible to define the association, so that the videos are loaded in the correct order?

I’m thinking that the query for fetching the videos in the correct order, for a given playlist, could look like this:

from p in Playlist,
  join: pv in "playlists_videos", on: p.id == pv.playlist_id
  join: v in Video, on: pv.video_id == v.id,
  order_by: pv.order,
  where: p.id == ^playlist_id,
  select: v
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Would baking a query to preload the association with an order_by help you?