Question regarding relationships in Phoenix 1.3

Hello, I’m a bit confused on how relationships work on the new Phoenix version.

In Phoenix 1.3, when we had models, we could generate one resource using $ mix phoenix.gen.json User users name:string and also, use a reference to that table $ mix phoenix.gen.json Post posts title:string user_id:references:users.

Then, we would simply add has_many :posts, App.Post
to our User model and belongs_to :user, App.User in our Post model.

In the new version of Phoenix, with the addition of contexts, I’m a bit confused on how it works, I’ve generated an User resource with $ mix phx.gen.json Accounts User users name:string and a Post resource with $ mix phx.gen.json Forums Post posts title:string accounts_user_id:references:accounts_users.

The previous generated code will compile, however, relationships are not present, I added belongs_to :accounts_user, App.Accounts.User to my Post resource and has_many :forums_posts, App.Forums.Post to my User resource, however, it throws the following error:

Compiling 6 files (.ex)

== Compilation error on file lib/app/forums/post.ex ==
** (ArgumentError) field/association :accounts_user_id is already set on schema

And my schemas look as follows:

schema "forums_posts" do
    field :content, :string
    field :title, :string
    field :accounts_user_id, :id
    belongs_to :accounts_user, App.Accounts.User

schema "accounts_users" do
    field :email, :string
    field :name, :string

    has_many :forums_posts, App.Forums.Post


Does someone know what is going wrong?

Thanks for the help.


belongs_to :accounts_user, App.Accounts.User tries to create an :accounts_user_id field, but you already created it manually.

Try removing the field :accounts_user_id, :id line.