Question related to phoenix update

If I update my pheonix to 1.3 can I still run my phoenix project that was in 1.2?

Most phoenix related tasks are run by the phoenix of your project.

mix {phoenix,phx}.new is about the only one that is run from the archive you install/update.

So it should in theory be no problem.

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If you’re talking about upgrading your 1.2 app to 1.3, the answer is yes it will still run fine. 1.3 was primarily a change of the generators, which added the concept of contexts.

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I think the only issue that you will have is that if you run the new generators - for example phx.gen.schema they will layout the files a bit differently, will expect a different module layout, and will create and use context modules. Usually the generators are only really useful early in the project anyway.

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