Raw(...) will still render a string escaped

I’m using google charts. In a database I have a string: “I’m bla-bla-bla” When rendering a chart on a page, it renders a string as

I'm bla-bla-bla

Even when I call raw(…), it’ll remain the same.

I think it has nothing to do with google charts, but with Phoenix.

How to fix this?

Where is your string rendered like that? Do you see ' in your browser? Or do you see '?

As you can see in raw/1s sourcecode, it will not touch your string, so I do assume, you are doing something else with it, or you got it already escaped from your data-source.

Must admit I am finding it a little difficult helping you because you are not providing enough information or answering questions for further info when asked of you.

To help us help you please make sure you include enough information so that we can reproduce the problem and that you read all replies and pay particular attention to calls for further information as these can be crucial in helping us understand your problem. Thanks.