Recommendations for spreadsheet input?

I have a LiveView app that needs to accept input that’s pasted from Excel.

Does anyone have recommendations for UI libraries that integrate well with LiveView that I can use to make a “spreadsheet-like” input? I don’t need formulas, just the raw data.

I know I can use textareas to receive the paste and then parse the data as TSV, but sometimes the users want to copy whole columns and paste them directly, or enter data in one cell at a time, or add a column of data before submitting.

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If there isn’t a good library, I think it would be pretty simple to create a form and inject the delimiters yourself. Depends if there’s a definite maximum on the number of column cells you need to support and/or how dynamic you want it to be.

I’ll mess around with a solution today, so feel free to DM me if you don’t find a good library. You’re welcome to use whatever I come up with in your app. I might end up publishing a library with it eventually though.

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Thanks! I haven’t been able to find anything so far. Only a lot of JS libraries that seem pretty hairy to hook into in a meaningful way from Phoenix