Redirect from a handle_event is running mount again on a deleted schema

I have a simple delete button in my UI, and when the user clicks it I want to delete the database record and redirect to their profile.

def handle_event("delete", _params, socket) do
  if == socket.assigns.list.user_id do
    {:ok, _list} = Lists.delete_list(socket.assigns.list)

  socket =
    |> redirect(to: ~p"/users/#{socket.assigns.current_user.slug}")

  {:noreply, socket}

This is deleting the record properly, but for some reason the mount/3 callback is being called and of course the record no longer exists so I get all kinds of errors.

(app 0.1.0) lib/app_web/live/list_live/show.ex:246: AppWeb.ListLive.Show.mount/3

How can I redirect to the user profile without re-running the expensive mount/3 call?

To fix I had to use push_navigate instead of redirect.