Redshift adapter for Ecto

Hi all,

I’m happy to share the first release of RedshiftEcto, an AWS Redshift adapter for Ecto.


We are using Redshift in an elixir application that is essentially an ETL pipeline. Most of the queries we run are custom SQL (e.g. COPY) but we wanted to be able to manage the schema from the application. There are also a few schemas specific to the application that track the state and progress of the pipeline. These receive queries that resemble classic OLTP.


Don’t expect to be able to use Redshift with Ecto as if it was dealing with Postgres or MySQL or any other OLTP database. There are a significant number of limitations of Redshift that the adapter had to deal with. It aims to raise errors for unsupported features as early as possible. See the docs for notable differences.

Bottom line, if you’re aware of the nature of the database the adapter will make it easier to work with it inside an elixir application.

We released the project as open source in the hopes that others will find it useful. Contributions are encouraged and we’ll be happy to review your pull requests.