Regular meetups near or in Hamburg, Germany

Hi @all!

Do one of you know about any regular meetups, aka “Stammtische” in the area of Hamburg? Or are there a couple of people willing to help establish one?

Perhaps there might also already Erlang-Meetups which could get extended to cover also Elixir (or BEAM languages in general)?

I’d prefer northwestern Hamburg, but I’m able to reach the rest of Hamburg if necessary (and parking lots are available :slight_smile: )


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There’s one this Tuesday @NobbZ - it’s the very first one too :023:

:frowning: It seems as if they have to do the first meeting without me… I’ve already scheduled something else then.

But thank you for that link! I will watch it and I do hope that I can attend next month.

The first meetup was realy cool! We did some planning on how the next meetups should be done and we got to know each other.