Remote Elixir Book Club

Hi there! :wave:

@frigidcode and I (but mostly him) have been running an Elixir Book club, we’re almost done with Designing Elixir Systems with OTP so it’s time to choose the next book and we decided to run a poll to figure out what potential attendees are interested in.

Set details:

  • The book club will run every other Sunday starting on Sunday July 18th
  • We will cover two chapters in each meeting
  • Each meeting will be roughly an hour long
  • Meetings will be via video call (currently planning on Google Meet)

Open questions:

  • What book to cover
  • What time of day to meet

What book should we cover next?

  • Elixir in Action
  • Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir
  • Programming Phoenix LiveView

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Links to the books:

What time on Sundays should we meet?

  • 1pm ET
  • 2pm ET
  • 3pm ET
  • 4pm ET
  • 5pm ET
  • 6pm ET
  • 7pm ET
  • 8pm ET
  • 9pm ET

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All times are given in Eastern Time - Eastern Time – ET Time Zone

If you’re interested in the book club please join the official “The Elixir Book Club” Discord server: The Elixir Book Club

I hope to see you there!


The first meetup is less than 24 hours away!

Here’s the main website:

Please RSVP to the meetingplace invite if you’d like to attend:

Nice idea. Just wondering, how do you cover the book chapters? Do you read it during the meeting, or folks should read it before the call?

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Hi, you should read the chapters before the meeting. We will be covering two chapters in each meeting but meeting every other week. This first meeting was more of a kickoff so we’ll be covering the first two chapters two weeks from now.


:blue_book: :purple_heart: :technologist: The Elixir Book Club has chosen our next book!

Software Design X-Rays: Fix Technical Debt with Behavioral Code Analysis

We meet every two weeks on Sunday mornings via our Discord. The first meeting for the new book is on April 16th. Join us!