Repo.insert_all with schema_prefix?

Hello – I am trying to use Ecto Repo.insert_all for some one-off scripts.

At first I tried to do this without creating an Ecto schema, I just did Repo.insert_all("my_table", [...rows...])

But my Postgres database uses a schema prefix. So I tried Repo.insert_all("my_prefix.my_table, [...]), but this did not work.

Instead I had to create an Ecto schema with

@schema_prefix = "my_prefix"

and then do Repo.insert_all(MySchema, [...])

Is there a way to make this work without the Ecto schema? How can I tell bulk_insert to use my_prefix?

Thank you!

Looks as though there’s a key in the options to do this:

Repo.insert_all("my_table", [...], prefix: "my_prefix")