Reporting problems with "erts"

I’m currently building an Elixir application application release using distillery ( When I build the release, it suggests ways for me to run the release:

==> Release successfully built!
    You can run it in one of the following ways:
      Interactive: _build/prod/rel/yeti/bin/yeti console
      Foreground: _build/prod/rel/yeti/bin/yeti foreground
      Daemon: _build/prod/rel/yeti/bin/yeti start

Attempting to run one of those, however, gives me back:

<538>$ _build/prod/rel/yeti/bin/yeti console
usage: dirname path

I’ve traced this down to the file _build/prod/rel/yeti/erts-9.1.1/bin/erl which I gather is a script that is added to my release when erts is coped in. Within that file I see:


SCRIPT_DIR=`dirname $0`
ROOTDIR=`cd $SCRIPT_DIR/../../ && pwd`

The bug here is that my release lives in a directory that has a space in it. The full path to the erl script is /Users/sthompson/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Projects/Elixir/yeti/_build/prod/rel/yeti/erts-9.1.1/bin

(so there is a space in the path component Mobile Documents).

If I edit the erl script to:


SCRIPT_DIR=`dirname "$0"`
ROOTDIR=`cd "$SCRIPT_DIR/../../" && pwd`

So that the directories are enclosed in quotes, then the release seems to start up without trouble.

I want to report this to the folks that develop erts but I’m not sure how or where to go about that. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Hey there,

this doesn’t seem to be a bug in Erlang/OTP (and thus ERTS) but rather a bug in Distillery. You can report bugs for Distillery here.

You could also submit a pull request to fix this. It seems like the issue is in this file:

Perfect. That explains why I couldn’t find the file in the erts sources. I will work with Distillery, thanks.