- a livechat plugin built with Phoenix

I am currently building resend, which handles real-time chat and marketing automation for your site (alternative to Intercom)

Before that I also built and open-sourced gitchecker as my first Elixir/React project

Using Elixir and React and has worked really well so far and I’ve been able to get some impressive server performance.


Very nice, thanks for sharing. Git checker would be a fun project to take in. I look at your design and think “I wish I didn’t design like a developer”!

Nice, Resend looks great - what tech/stack are you going to use for it? Good luck with the project and let us know when it’s done :023:

I’m new to elixir and the code base looks really clean!

Thanks! It’s currently in open beta and already quite a few companies using it in production :slight_smile:

I am running on Elixir/Phoenix/React/Redux/PostgreSQL


is it open source? @madshargreave

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I had planned to open source parts of it, but it has since then been acquired so not sure if it will be feasible in the future.

Hey, mate, I just checked the homepage of resend and it written “Trusted and loved by thousands of companies world-wide”. I’m wondering how long did it take to acquire that many customers?