Route not found for Get/

-** Trouble Shooting**-
no Route found for GET/(CatcastsWeb.Router)

How can I fix this problem? I’m a newbie in Elixir/Phoenix and I don’t what to do or how to fix this error
I hope you guys understand


That happens if the route is not configured properly. You should have something like this in lib/catcasts_web/router.ex:

scope "/", CatcastsWeb do
  pipe_through :browser
  get "/", PageController, :index

Phoenix should have set up that as the first route. Did you modify router.ex?

Hi sir thank you for responding to this issue

here’s how my router.ex looks like…

You only have an /auth/:provider route at the moment in your router.ex file.

Add a get "/", SomeControler, :some_action somewhere in that file.

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sir I already have a get “/:provider”, AuthController, :request…

“/:provider” means for example “/1” not “/”. But main problem is you have auth scope so your links “localhost:4000/auth/:provider”

There’s a difference:

"/:provider" will match to things like, /foobar /1 /foboarbaz /example and map the word to the provider param.

So you do not have a root path configured in your router.