Routing problem

When i always creates project i have got that error.

How have you created that project, which version of phoenix are you using and what is the content of your router.ex?

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Version: 1.3.1 [name] --no-html --no-brunch

it’s not edited standard code

Please do not post screenshots of code but actual code. That screenshot is hard to read on my mobile, also it only has about an eight of the area actually assigned to the code.

Aside of that, you simply don’t have a route for /. You do not have routes at all. Please go on and add some.

As far as I remember, Phoenix does never generate routes for API when creating a project. Also you specified --no-html on the CLI, this means that you want to create an API only project without any HTML, so there are also no routes generated for the WelcomePage (which were the only pre-generated route anyway).

So everything works as expected.


Thank you so much.