Running migrations umbrella with edeliver

Im getting really stuck with running migrations for an umbrella application withe deliver & distillery
I have a application (almost) running on Ubuntu with four sub apps.

I finally managed to release & deploy the application.
But now Im stuck running the migrations, and I need to run the seeds.esx on production.

$ mix edeliver migrate production


-----> migrateing production servers

production node:

  user    : deploy
  host    :
  path    : /home/deploy/webapp_umbrella/webapp_umbrella_releases
  response: RPC to 'webapp_umbrella@' failed: {'EXIT',
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I have the exact same problem. Some features of edeliver seem not to work out of the box with umbrella projects:

Unfortunately the proposed solution of adding edeliver to rel/config.exs ( did not work for me.

Still looking for a solution because otherwise it is also not possible to use mix edeliver upgrade production for hot code swapping.