Runtime.exs not loaded during mix ecto.create


I am the maintainer of Plausible Analytics:

In the process of upgrading to Elixir v1.11 and I’m looking to use the new runtime.exs configuration option. It seems to work OK for mix phx.server, however when I trigger mix ecto.create then I don’t see the runtime.exs file being loaded.

The issue is present on the master branch of the repository, feel free to pull and debug locally. This presents itself as mix test failing because it cannot create the test database. I’ve tried adding IO.puts statements in the runtime.exs file to see if it is being executed. It prints the message when running mix phx.server but not on mix ecto.create.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I’m running on Elixir v1.11.3 w/ OTP 23. You can find the mix.lock file in the repository for exact dependency versions.

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Ignore this. I ran mix deps.update --all and it seems to work now. I’m guessing a newer ecto version fixed it.