S3 object copies

Hello everyone, I’m planning to move a batch of images from an AWS S3 bucket to another bucket. The reason for that object copying is a transformation that is needed in order to meet sone specific criteria. I’m developing a small OTP application that uses ex_aws_s3 for moving the images using the put_object_copy function, which allows me to directly move the images without downloading them or even having them in-memory. I’m planning on spawning a bunch of processes that will move a single image each, by using a list of objects that can be obtained from the api itself. Is there any design principle for executing a big amount of http requests in Elixir that you might now? What is a “correct” way of executing big amounts of http requests at once ?

Why don’t you use the AWS s3 command line tool?

I need to execute some transformations before copying, it is not a 1:1 copy, it requieres a previous treatment.