Scrolling output in iex, again


I am coming back to Elixir after couple of years and try to refresh what I learnt before. I wonder if after all these years appeared any kind of ‘less’ command for iex? Particularly irritating is the necessity to hit “page up” couple of times when reading help pages in iex. Would be very gratuful for any ideas.



It’s certainly not for everyone, but running iex from eshell in Emacs makes this possible. Everything in eshell is scrollable, editable, searchable, etc… just like any other Emacs buffer.

Yes, I’m using Alchemist mode in Emacs. I know it’s silly, and I guess I will have to live with it, but what bothers me is that when I enter, for instance h Elixir.Map, I am presented with the middle part of the help page and I have to scroll back to the beginning, just like in iex. What I would like is just to get the beginning of the help page not its end. man knows how to do it, info knows how to do it, why on earth iex does not (I mean I know it’s the problem with Erlang console, but anyway).

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