Selecto - A query builder and LiveView UI

Selecto is a query builder, and SelectoComponents is a liveview based UI to build and view queries.

Example app: SelectoTest · Phoenix Framework

These are still very new, and probably have many bugs. There are many errors unhandled, and many tests as yet unwritten.

I have created Selecto as a side project to a side project. I am new-ish to Elixir and working on my first serious phoenix app. I find that I need a way to provide search/view of several different sets of joined tables for a management interface. Selecto is inspired by a system I created in Perl in 2004, which has been used very successfully ever since. There is a list of planned features in the SelectoComponents readme, most of which are in-use on the Perl system. There is also a list of planned features in the Selecto readme.

You may find this library useful if you are in need of a query/report writing system without a lot of boilerplate. It is very simple to setup a new domain and provide an interface that allows selecting data, building complex filters, and grouping/aggregate.

I am hoping to find some collaborators. I am particularly in need of help with design / styling of the liveview! Also I am new to Elixir, Liveview, and publishing open source software, and I appreciate any help I can get. There are many planned features which I would be happy to have help with as well.

Selecto gathers most of its configuration from Ecto schemas. You create a Domain structure which gives a starting table and a tree of joins that are allowed. (currently, you must provide direct joins- through is not yet supported) Selecto will examine the schema and create it’s configuration.

These examples are from the livebook in selecto_test

Example Domain:

domain = %{
  joins: [
    planets: %{
      name: "Planet",
      joins: [
        satellites: %{
          name: "Satellites"
  name: "Solar System",
  required_filters: [{"id", [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]}],    ### filters are required right now
  source: SelectoTest.Test.SolarSystem

Create a Selecto struct:

selecto = Selecto.configure(SelectoTest.Repo, domain)

Simple Query:

{results, aliases} =
  |> Selecto.filter({"id", 1})
  |>["planets[name]", "planets[mass]"])
  |> Selecto.execute()

Query with ‘OR’

{results, aliases} =
       {"planets[name]", "Earth"},
       {"planets[name]", "Venus"}
  |>["planets[id]", "planets[name]"])
  |> Selecto.execute()